Vision in Learning have had the privilege to help numerous children with their eyes and vision. Here are a few comments from a selected number which we hope will help you understand the progress our children have made.


Primary School Child
Name: Isobel
Isobel was struggling during class resulting in her losing concentration and falling behind in some subjects. She has great imagination and a willingness to learn, but for some reason the information was not being processed properly. This in turn lead to difficulties within the classroom environment and with her friends during playtimes.

My View: "My new glasses help me read. I'm now able to sit in class longer without feeling as if everything is too much. The words I see no longer move about so I can now read long stories."

Vision in Learning: We have treated Isobel over a number of years and have highlighted a few issues with her vision. The help we have put in place along with the support of the educational professionals around her as enabled Isobel to begin to develop her education and attain the results that is expected of her level of learning. Isobel now has greater self-esteem and inner confidence, all of which is now contributing to a more rounded approach to her education which will help her achieve her goals in the future.


Secondary School Child
Name: Joshua  aged 13
Joshua really didn’t like reading, his confidence was low, his grades didn’t reflect his effort or capability.

Vision in LearningMy View:"When I tried to read, I kept seeing lots of distracting white lines in the text. It was such hard work. I hated it if the teacher wanted me to read out aloud in class. The eye training and glasses have got rid of the lines. Now I can concentrate and am more confident and achieve higher grades. I now pick up books to read outside of school which is something I never wanted to do before. I have no problem with reading out aloud in class now."

Vision in Learning: Sometimes there is a fine line between giving up through frustration or eroded confidence, and achieving the grades you are capable of. Being on the right or wrong side of this line will have bearing not only in the teen years but potentially through key exams and career paths.



A Mum's Perspective
Name: Jane
Alex's Mum, Jane, approached Vision in Learning to help with his reading which she felt was about a year behind where she thought he should be compared to his other academic results in maths and science. There appeared to be no obvious reasons for this and having passed normal eye tests, it was causing concern.

Vision in Learning completed an evaluation of Alex's vision and suggested a number of reasons to why Alex was struggling. With our help, and the hard work Alex has put in, Alex's reading has gone from being about a year behind where he is expected to be to 3 months ahead in the space of just 6 months.

Hear what Jane has to say...

Class Teacher
Name: Mrs T
(Full name of teacher and school withheld due to regulatory reasons).
Gavin has looked after a few of my students over the years; I've seen them change from being reluctant readers to wanting to take part and engage. The impact the eyes have on the quality of their work should not be underestimated.


University Student
Name: Connor
Connor reported having problems during lectures in being able to read the supporting slides being shown by his tutors. He was also having problems concentrating on his reading which was leading to him not being able to do as well as he would have liked with his assignments. Connor also found he was becoming tired outside of his lectures due to the work his eyes were having to do to over-compensate.

My View: "I have always read for fun, but reading was becoming a problem at Uni. Gavin helped give me some exercises to do to help by eye muscles and also some glasses with a slight tint to remove the glare and keep the text steady. I now have two sets of glasses, one for reading, and one for general use which is helping my overall tiredness and helping me retain more of the information out before me".

Vision in Learning: Connor is typical of a student who found there was a problem later in his education. Compared to his previous results, he felt he was not achieving the standard he would expect. He was also diagnosed with mild dyslexia, especially with numbers which presented itself once he was living independently and having to control budget, bills etc. This combined with issues in reading and concentration meant Connor was falling below his potential. With Vision in Learning helping with his eyes and the other support Connor is now receiving is allowing him to prosper.