Vision in Learning

Vision in Learning covers all aspects of a child or young adult's understanding on how they see, read and understand within education. Many children have reading problems and this can have a significant effect on the short term and long term milestones as well as impacting on their self confidence.

There are a number of techniques which can help a child. The goals of Vision in Learning is to use the best combination of these techniques to allow the child to correct any problems and to offer ongoing assistance when required.

Problems with vision in learning can be due to a number of issues. These can be helped in a number of ways including improving stamina, helping how the child views the page, the use of spectacles and tints, sometimes temporary, to help stabilise text or reduce glare.

We assess not only how the eyes see, but also how they send information to the brain and how the brain interprets that information.

Reaching their potential

If a child is not reaching their potential, it could also be due to problems with their vision. Many children struggle or suffer from a drop in performance despite not having any obvious issues reading. Vision can still be a big part of the solution for these children and fixing a few small issues can have a dramatic effect on their ability to learn and the self confidence that brings.

Vision in learning success

Vision in Learning are part of the Patrick and Menzies Optometrist based in Braintree, Brightlingsea and West Mersea. Partner Gavin Rebello has 18 years experience as an optometrist and specialises in vision with you young people. Over his years working within vision in education, he has helped many children with their vision. Charlotte Andrews also has many years experience with in vision in learning and the wider practice, including work with the Special Olympics and the children's unit at Cardiff University.

Vision in learning evaluation

Not all children will need a full evaluation. We suggest you complete our online assessment which is a quick and easy guide to see if we think your child would benefit from a vision in learning evaluation. If they do then call us to arrange an assessment. The full evaluation will take about one hour and the fees are shown on the online assessment page. If we don't feel vision in learning will be of benefit to your child, the online assessment will show a number of resources that could be of help.

Who we have helped

We have a number of online testimonials from various children and young people. Take a look at what just a few of our children and parents have said. To view our testimonials, click here >