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Some people do not read as well as expected. There are many reasons why this may happen. Their vision is one such reason.

At Patrick and Menzies, we assess and manage vision issues that can impact on reading.

Watch the clip to hear how Charles went from bottom to top of the class.

Do you have a child, or are you an Education Professional with a child, who is finding reading difficult or not reaching their potential?

The eyes and vision are often a key reason why a child might not be reaching their potential, there are other factors that might hold them back. This free self-assessment will give you an insight as to whether your child would benefit from a vision in learning appointment.

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A normal sight test or school screening test is not the same as a full vision in learning assessment.

Having a subtle vision issue that impacts on reading is not the same as dyslexia.. read more

"I'm really pleased. Alex has a lot more
confidence because he is no longer
dragging behind in the class.

I'm just glad I was able to do
something for him, because
every mum wants to help".

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Alex's Mum