Managing vision issues

Cutting through the confusion....

There are several institutions offering help to children who potentially have vision and reading problems. They mostly tend to concentrate on one specific way of helping.

An example would be the Irlen institute, whose strategy is to use tints. Whilst tints have been shown to give good results they do not solve eye muscle problems.

Other specialists will look at only the eye muscles (orthoptists) and others still, for example classic behavioural optometrists, will assess how the brain influences how the eyes function.

Our assessments and management techniques have been developed over a period of 18 years and combines ALL of the techniques above.

To help your child we may use a combination of

Vision Training



Management is specific to the individual. Follow ups are essential; as the visual system improves we will need to modify the help we have given until your child’s visual system is working at its best and is not a hindrance in their reading.

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