Childrens Reading

There could be many reasons for a child having problems reading and testing if their vision is an issue can be the first step on the way to help.

Some children struggle to read and parents also struggle to find ways in which they can help. A child's development can be undermined by a lack of reading skills which can lead to loss of self esteem and motivation to learn. With the myriad of possible reasons for reading difficulty, parents quite often don't know where to start.

Could vision be the underlining issue with the childrens reading?

Problems with the vision in children can occur for a number of reasons. These could be to do with the mechanics of the eyes, psychological problems, genetic issues, dyslexia or a combination of a few problems. Regular eye exams will help highlight these problems and referrals to specialists such as Vision in Learning will really focus on the solutions to the problems.

Help with childrens reading

Having a qualified optometrist take a look at the child's vision is a good place to begin. This will quickly determine if there is a problem with the eye mechanics, or how the child is using their eyes. It will prove to a great practical way to engage with a professional who has seen many similar children and be able to provide tests to determine if the child has vision problems. Fixing these problems can be a simple yet effective solution to the issues surrounding the childrens reading. If the optometrist does happen to find an issue, then great, they can help fix that problem. If not, then it is one of the possible obstacles for the childrens reading problems ticked off the list and will allow you to concentrate on finding help somewhere else.

A issue with the childrens vision can also be one part of what could prove to be a complex jigsaw puzzle. The optometrist will be able to help guide you should you also need to involve other professionals such as teachers and doctors, plus help with how to educate yourself and the family to the best way to support the child.

The assessment is a simple, non intrusive evaluation into how the childrens vision could impact on the childrens reading. This will involve examining how their eyes see the world around them, including text, how they send this nformation to the brain, and lstly, how the brain iterprets this information in a meaningful way.

The test are designed to suite each age group and are interative and fun for the child. Once the examionation is over, the parent will be given feedback on if or howthe childs vision is causing problems with the children reading, and also the best route to help the child overcome these problems if they need it.