Who are Vision in Learning?


Gavin Rebello - Founder Vision in Learning Clinic.

Our Vision in Learning clinic was founded by Gavin Rebello in 2000 when he was worked as an optometrist and partner at Patrick & Menzies. He has extensive experience working with children who are not reaching their full reading potential, having practical skills gained from working in the Vision training and baby clinic (previously CPOC) in Colchester Hospital.
Further training and qualifications have included higher certificates from London City University, training workshops at Harvard University, USA and also with colour tints pioneer Prof Arnold Wilkins and eye muscles specialist Prof Bruce Evans. He has distinctions in both the School Vision Diploma and the Sports Vision Diploma. He has completed the Behavioural Optometrists training program which includes building an expertise in perception, how we interact with the world around us and vision training.

Gavin has left the clinic in the very capable hands of Charlotte Andrews who he has mentored throughout her training and professional career.

His mission now is to engage, train and inspire other optometrists to take on this work. He also aims to raise awareness amongst parents, teachers and educational psychologists of how subtle vision issues can have a huge impact on reading skills.


Charlotte Andrews - Vision in Learning Optometrist

Charlotte trained at Cardiff University and has attended courses by Prof Evans. She has been mentored by Gavin Rebello on a 1-2-1 basis and has learnt, first hand, how to manage patients with reading and vision issues.

Her experience includes working at the specialist olympics, the children’s unit at Cardiff University as part of her degree training and work experience sessions within CPOC.

She has successfully completed the Behavioural Optometrists training program and several training courses on visual stress and precision tints (colorimetry).